9. April 2024 

The Swiss Senior Women for Climate Protection win at the European Court of Human Rights!

ADF-SVF  congratulates these courageous women.

"We have won!

The association of the Swiss Senior Women for Climate Protection... have won a historic victory at the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). The Court ruled this morning in the case "Verein KlimaSeniorinnen Schweiz and Others v. Switzerland" that Switzerland is violating the human rights of the older women because the state is not taking the necessary steps to combat global warming. Specifically, the court found a violation of Article 8 (right to private and family life). The Court also found that the action brought by the association, which currently represents over 2,500 women aged 64 and over, also has victim status. This is a huge victory not only for all the older women, but for access to justice across Europe. Media Release

Rosmarie Wydler was a main speaker at an ADF-SVF event 17 June 2023. 

Photos: Swiss Senior Women


8 March 2024 

International Women's Day - festive event in the Federal Palace  

Eva Herzog, President of the Council of States, invites the presidents of national (women's) organisations to the Federal Palace for International Women's Day.

Annemarie Heiniger represents ADF-SVF.

The event is a complete success, and Eva Herzog writes:

"What an inspiring, interesting, powerful and unforgettable Women's Day we spent together! So many different women from all regions exchanging views on topics such as women's financial independence or their international situation...
Let's take the momentum of 8 March with us!"


Click here for the official video of the day, recorded by Monika Flückiger and Christine Zwygart.


3 March 2024

A resounding YES to the 13th AHV pension - also thanks to women!

Unbelievable! One never thought that the tide would finally turn after several frustrating votes.
The voters did not allow themselves to be confused by the counter-propaganda, but instead sent a clear signal of solidarity. The votes of female voters were presumably decisive, as this is also a clear victory for the female population.

ADF-SVF demands that this historic referendum be implemented immediately and undiluted by the Federal Council and Parliament. ADF-SVF would particularly like to thank Gabriela Medici, social insurance specialist at the Swiss Federation of Trade Unions, for her enormous commitment


 Photo SGB, Gabriela Medici, second person from the left. 


8 February 2024

Media release

The ADF-SVF committee says YES to the 13th AHV pension. All pensioners will benefit from it:

People with low pensions, because no reductions are permitted, the middle classes, because the purchasing power of their pensions is decreasing more and more, and the very well-off, because they have paid much more into the AHV in solidarity over the years than they will ever get back.

The 13th AHV pension is a welcome help for everyone, but especially for women....


31 January 2024

Gender must be better taken into account in federal studies and statistics. Bravo!

On 31 January 2024, the Federal Council adopted guidelines setting out the procedure and requirements for taking gender into account in federal studies and statistics. Knowledge about gender effects and gender-specific differences in federal studies and statistical data must

be improved.

We owe this to Eva Herzog, President of the Council of States and ADF-SVF member. With her   Motion 20.3588  she campaigned vehemently in favour of general, gender-specific data collection.

Eva Herzog presented this important initiative in her speech at the public ADF-SVF event  
Invisible stumbling blocks for women (Unsichtbare Stolpersteine für Frauen) on 18 June 2022 in Basel.



6 January 2024

Queen's Day! Frauenrechte Bern-Fribourg (Frauenrechte BeFri) - solemnly founded!

The Bernese women have chosen 6 January 2024, the "Queen's Day", for the for the foundation of the Bern-Fribourg section of ADF-SVF.

Photo from left:

The founders: Lucie Waser, Martina Meier and Francine Perret;

Guests: Annemarie Heiniger, frbb and ADF-SVF, and Martine Gagnebin, President of ADF-SVF

Instead of the former Frau und Politik Bern association, which was dissolved in 2015, there is now a virtual renaissance of a
women's rights organisation in this important region of Switzerland.


The Frauenrechte  BeFri hosted a well-attended information evening in Wabern near Bern on 30 January 2024:

Is the 13x AHV initiative needed?  with speaker Gabriela Medici, SGB social insurance expert.

Info: frauenrechtebefri@gmail.com


17 June 2023 Lausanne

Climate change as a challenge - women as actors

Public event organised by ADF-SVF

"Here, as elsewhere, the aim is to find solutions that enable all people to

equal access to sustainable, vital resources for all people.

resources that are essential to life."  Bastienne Joerchel (La Marche Bleue).


All 3 speakers gave convincing and highly motivating speeches:

Rosmarie Wydler, Basel, Co-President of KlimaSeniorinnen

Agnieszka Kroskowska, Coordinator Social Justice, Helvetas

Bastienne Joerchel, Initiator of La Marche Bleue,
Invitation-flyer here.