About us

ADF-SVF introduces itself

ADF-SVF was founded in 1909 as the Swiss Association for Women's Suffrage and first appeared in public in 1912. After gaining the right to vote at the federal level in 1971, it was renamed the Swiss Association for Women's Rights ADF-SVF.


What we do

As one of the smallest of the Swiss women's national organisations, ADF-SVF maintains relations with authorities and associations, and in particular expresses its views on federal consultations.
As a member of the NGO Coordination Post Beijing Switzerland, ADF-SVF is committed to the implementation of the Platform for Action started 1995 at the 4th World Conference on Women at Beijing, and its further development at all levels of the Swiss reality.


How we become active

ADF-SVF is organized into several sections. The annual Assembly of Delegates is the supreme body. The delegates' meeting elects the presiding section, which leads the association for 2 or 4 years in rotation. Any woman can become a member of a section or an individual member of the association or both together.

The board of the presiding section is happy to welcome active members!

All members are invited to events throughout Switzerland, regardless of party political, religious, or national affiliation.


How we keep you informed

Every 1-2 months, ADF-SVF members receive a newsletter by e-mail with all the latest information.

The website is also intended to provide an updated platform for other interested parties.



Current statutes in German and French.


Annual reports

English: 2021-2022 and 2022-2023