Current committee

Since January 2023, the Vaud section (ADF Vaud) is presiding ADF-SVF on a rotating basis.

Martine Gagnebin, President. 

Board of ADF-SVF on 24 August 2023 in Bern:

Photo from left

front: Annemarie Heiniger, Ursula Nakamura, Martine Gagnebin (President),

Christiane Schaffer and Marie-Louise Hefti

at the back: Lucie Waser, Marina Schneeberger, Josiane Greub and Clémence Capt

Media release January 2023

"Our commitment to women's rights and a coherent gender equality policy remain at the centre of our activities. We have an exciting and demanding task ahead of us, as we are currently facing particularly major challenges.

For example, there are still problems with the implementation of equal rights for women and men. This is where ADF-SVF  wants to make its contribution.”


Presidential Committees of previous years 


frauenrechte beider basel frbb chairs ADF-SVF on a rotational basis. 


January 2020

The committee of ADF-SVF at the retreat on 12 Jan. 2020:



Photo from left: Valérie Bolliger, Annemarie Heiniger (Co-President), Irène Renz,
Brigitte Rüedin, Marianne Recher and Ursula Nakamura (Co-President)


ADF Neuchâtel  chairs ADF-SVF on a rotational basis.   

22 June 2019
ADF-SVF Annual Meeting of Delegates at Neuchâtel



Photo from left: Nadja Personeni, Josiane Greub (Präsidentin) und Claudine Stähli 


ADF Vaud  chairs ADF-SVF on a rotational basis.   



Photo from left: Dominique Benmuvhar, Martine Gagnebin (President),

Viviane Schusselé, Marie-Louise Hefti, Clémence Capt and Simone Chapuis.



frauenrechte beider basel frbb  chairs ADF-SVF on a rotational basis.    


Photo from left: Ursa Krattiger (Co-President), Liselotte Kurth, Marianne Herrera, Annemarie Heiniger, Valérie Bolliger and Ursula Nakamura (Co-President)


ADF Neuchâtel  chairs ADF-SVF on a rotational basis.     

From 2010-2011, ADF Neuchâtel presides over SVF-ADF
in accordance with the new structures.

Thanks to the rotation of the presidency among the individual ADF-SVF sections, the association can now continue its important tasks in the best possible way.



Photo: ADF Neuchâtel at the 2011 delegates' meeting.